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Wow, these are going to be hard to judge!
Published on October 16, 2006 By Zoomba In GUI Championships News

Since we started the user voting on WindowBlinds today, it's time to finish up the icon events.  The entries this year are some of the best we've ever seen, period.  Everyone involved with the contest in any way shape or form have been uniformly impressed by the very high level of quality of what has been submitted.  Many of you were complaining how hard it was to just pick three icon sets when you were voting.  Well, now we're down to the ten best in each event, so imagine how hard it's going to be for the judges!

Below are the top ten from Most Usable and Most Original Icons.  Look down and be amazed!  And don't forget to vote for Most Usable WindowBlinds Visual Style.  We've gotten a few entries today that are definitely worth checking out!

Winners of the icon events to be announced later this week.


Most Usable Icons:

Aluminum Icon by RickyXu Aqualix by Dexter2005
Champicons by Themerboy Faraway Dream by Maxdison
FROIS-01 by Dexter2005 Rounder by AndrawDay
SkyLine 2006 by Yangge Slicer by kirozeng
Dre-S by PiscDong The Preface by dar0ckx


Most Original Icons

Cryo64 Corinthia Lite by D. Arnez Dream of the Sea by Catheling
FROIS-01 by Dexter2005 Ghost by cjshadow
Mr. noMustache by thinkcear Local Flavor by Coco Kou
Simple Machines by skyuiteam sugar lumps
The Mayan Civilization by knightpan SusiSunnyBaz by darkli

on Oct 16, 2006
Congrats everyone! This is the best batch of icons that I have seen in ages.
on Oct 16, 2006
Congratulations to all.

on Oct 16, 2006
Some really great icons. Congrats to all.  
on Oct 16, 2006
FROIS-01 is the only entry which earns top10-rating in both category, seems like many ppl like futurism...

anyway, congratulation to all top10 qualifier, you are GREATTTTTTTTT!!!

the judges must be scratching their heads now, fortunately they r choosing from ONLY 10 finalist in respective event, we were choosing from 50 entries...
on Oct 16, 2006
Wow! These are all amazing sets! Hard to vote, they all look like winners to me!

on Oct 16, 2006
on Oct 16, 2006
I hope

1st > Champicons by Themerboy
2nd > Faraway Dream by Maxdison
3rd > Aqualix by Dexter2005

on Oct 17, 2006
The icons just explode with talent! We're so lucky to have such creative entries this year.

Good luck everyone!
on Oct 17, 2006
Congratulations to all!  
on Oct 17, 2006
I am very glad to see that Chinese designers have done a good job this time.
Let every one on the earth watch the rise of chinese designers.
on Oct 17, 2006
to dester,

i m a chinese who isnt living in china mainland, but i certainly feel the same way too...keep it up....
on Oct 18, 2006
congrats to all.