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I'd be a lemming too if I had a spare $600
Published on July 2, 2007 By Zoomba In Personal Computing

Ok, Friday the iPhone went on sale. Apple stores around the country had lines overnight as eager gadget junkies waiting to get the latest and greatest shiny toy from the fine folks in Cupertino, CA. According to all accounts so far [David Pogue] [Walt Mossberg] [Robert Scoble] the iPhone is a fantastic piece of hardware that shows us exactly why Apple always gets so much hype for a new product. With minor quibbles aside (AT&T's EDGE Network) it appears to be a piece of hardware that really delivers on its promises.

Do I have one? No. Do I want one? Hell yes. Will I get one? In a few years.

Ultimately, Apple kills itself for me on the same point as always: Price. I can't reasonably justify spending $400 - $600 on a phone. Add in accessories, activation, and calling plan and you suddenly have a small limited-function device that costs as much as a fully-featured personal computer.

  • It's an iPod!
    Yes, it's an iPod, but a pretty limited one. It has as much space as an iPod Nano, which costs a fraction of the price. (4GB Nano: $150)
  • It's a phone!
    Mmm-hmm... My phone cost me $50 after service rebates. It places/receives calls. Does text messaging. It can even take photos and video.
  • It's a revolutionary Internet communication device!
    Ok Steve, you got me there. Outside the world of Palm Treos and Blackberry handhelds, this is new territory. On this point I'll give the iPhone a few serious kudos. Any handheld device that handles Internet and email in any serious way also tends to be pretty expensive. I feel this is where they are able to justify a large portion of their price.

The iPhone isn't really a phone. Sure you can do the whole phone "thing" with one, but that's just a minor point on the overall bullet list of features Apple is touting. The iPhone really represents one of the first serious efforts at a portable communications device that isn't hobbled by poorly conceived notions of how a user should interact with the device.

On top of that, it's also a platform. If the iPhone manages to be a genuine success, which I think it will if the price on hardware drops to something more reasonable, my bet is that we'll see Apple become the early dominant player in the true pocket computer revolution. My hope though is that they don't make the same mistakes with this fledgling market that they did with the personal computer.

But in the end, despite its promise, despite its current capabilities, is this another case of marketing buzz causing people's common sense to shut down and take a holiday? A lot of coverage has been given comparing total cost of ownership for the phone with other similar devices (Blackberry, Treo etc.) and the iPhone is a ridiculously expensive proposition. On top of price, you also have to contend with the fact that this is a first generation Apple device. History shows us that the first gen of any Apple gizmo comes plagued with little problems here or there, and that just waiting one or two generations will result in a much better device with improved features and a reduced price over the original. Compare current iPod prices with prices when the device launched, and then look at how quickly it improved from generation to generation.

On Friday, the folks who bought the iPhone were the classic early-adopters. The folks that will plop down a crazy amount of money for whatever is the latest/greatest. But the question now is that all of the extremely excited folks have their iPhone, how will the demand be from now on? Will all of the marketing and press hype and the glitz and glamour of a brand new Apple product overcome people's common sense? The iPhone really represents a luxury item, delivering functionality that very few people honestly need in their lives. Will the ooh and ahh trump the concern over bank balance? Time will tell on that one.

Me? I'll have one in 1 year 8 months when my current Verizon contract runs out.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for shiny gadgets. At least by then there may be a second generation device out and the price might have dropped.

I hope...

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on Jul 02, 2007
I think I've dropped my iPod about six or seven times in the last year. My phone, which I'm far more careful with, baby like a real child, pet when no one looking, and don't bring with me on strenuous exercise has been dropped about three or so times. The iPhone just doesn't look like it would react well to this kind of treatment. So, while it is pretty, my volatile handling of portable appliances is something that I can't justify $500 for.
on Jul 02, 2007
The first tests of the iPhones "stress tests" seem to be quite good.,545-page,1-bid,0/video.html

I (and I meaning my wife) bought myself one and am very pleased with it. I want to play with it for a week and then I will write up my own review.


on Jul 02, 2007

I had to laugh at the goons here in Richmond.  They swamped the local AT&T place early Friday morning and what did they find?

No one there! It may have been a smash nationwide, but it got a ho-hum here.

on Jul 03, 2007
So if you can go on line with it Will your iPhone get; viruses, Spy ware ect.. and if so can you install anti-virus and Spy ware removers??
What about the Battery ? is it like the iPod have to pay big money for a new one or trash it when the battery dies?
I do not have an iPod I have an MP4 player and is 100 X's better then and I pod and the phone i have now with the BEST provider is Verizon and it can get internet (even though i do not use it for internet)

Oh and if your on the net with iphone can someone hackin to your iPhone and use your time ?

on Jul 03, 2007
Do I have one? No. Do I want one? Hell NO.

I am quite happy with my HTC Windows mobile device and it can do all of the above and more... Okay, the new multi-tap touch screen technology is a bummer, but it will be quite common in a few months.
on Jul 03, 2007
I don't have one and chances are I won't have one for a long, long time. But just like I could not justify paying $600 + for a PS3, $250+ for a Nintendo Wii, $400 for an xBox, I can not justify $600 on a phone. I personally have issues with the idea of having to recharge it often with all the features that it has, not to mention that chances are I will not use all the features. I can't deny it looks great, I am tempted, but just like the above person wrote, chances are I am in that small % of people that will damage the iPhone in some way.

I'll wait, just like for Windows Vista, till it's improved and maybe even cheaper.
on Jul 04, 2007
Please don't quote me on this; it is just something I heard on the radio about the cost of the iPhone. First is the cost of the phont (as stated already) then comes the contract with the carrier (which has to be paid up front) which is (this is what I understand) somewhere around $750 a year, and the new member must pay for two years ($1500.00 plus the cost of the unit). Again please do not quote this, however, if anyone out there as heard or read any other information please correct me..

I sat down and did some figures. I spend $45.95 month for my wireless phone (carrier is not important), this comes out to approximately $ 600.00 a month. The phone came with the plan so there is no cost involved here. I had to sign a two year contract to get this deal. So, for $1200. for two years I get the best wireless service in the country (so they say--they being the phone company).

Now I already have a 60 gig music, vidio, and photo iPod (cost $398.00), hense why would I need a iPhone with only 4 gig. Next my phone service offers we e-mail, and internet service.

My youngest son (35) had to have one (wouldn't tell mother what he paid--little brat).

But in essence I think it is as someone said, it is a geek toy, and if you have the funds; enjoy.

Just a Thought Pam
on Jul 05, 2007

on Jul 05, 2007

Reply By: c242Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yep!  That is about the state of it.

on Jul 07, 2007
iPhone: Hype Trounces Common Sense?

Title should be minus the question mark....being more a matter of fact than a query. Seems just about anything can be a marketable item with enough hype behind it....wherever there's a fad there'll be a flock of sheep queuing up to part with its money in order to be one of the 'in crowd'. Can't have the Smith's or the Jonses going one up, now can we!
on Jul 07, 2007
The iPhone is actually pretty sweet I can report. There are certain aspects of it that are completely unique and will certainly change the way, not just with Apple products, that we interact with technology. There are some minor problems sure but it is a quantum leap ahead of everything else that is out there. This site is giving one away on Saturday:

OnMyList giving away an iPhone

on Jul 07, 2007

This site is giving one away on Saturday:

Rush limbaugh is giving away 10 - plus $1500 for the cost of 2 years of AT&T service.  That is the only way I would own one.

on Jul 31, 2007
New info

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thanks to U.T.T.M. , MY ? was answered
on Aug 01, 2007
Nice one. . .
on Aug 28, 2007
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