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Do you hear what I hear?
Published on October 9, 2007 By Zoomba In OS Customization

SoundPackager is one of those applications that people have seemingly been talking about for ages, always wondering when it would finally materialize.  Well, last month we finally pushed a beta of SoundPackager out the door and testing/tweaking began in earnest.  To go along with this, we launched a new gallery at WinCustomize just for SoundPackager files (.soundpackage).   The entire idea behind SoundPackager is that if you wanted to customize your Windows sounds previously, you'd have to navigate to some obscure control panel, and one-by-one manually set every sound event.  What if you wanted to share your sound schemes?  You were more or less out of luck.

SoundPackager lets you create a unique sound scheme in a simple and easy-to-use UI, and then wrap it all up in a .soundpackage file to hand off to anyone else running SoundPackager.

Now, why should you care about SoundPackager or the ability to share or download themed sound packs?  Well, we've managed to customize every visual aspect of your Windows PC.  We've done skins, icons, cursors, wallpapers, animated wallpapers, widgets, media players and more.  So we've covered our visual bases, but not audio.  Lets say you found yourself with a killer Halloween theme and wanted some spooky sounds to really round out the ghastly experience?  Well, now you're in luck since we have just such a SoundPackager theme in the gallery for you to grab.

This also opens up WinCustomize to creative types who lean more towards sound and music.  So now we are open to traditional 2D artists, 3D artists, animators, and audio artists.

Here are a few of my favorite items currently in the SoundPackager gallery:

Female Voice


Stardock Design


Classic Trek
Night Train

Stardock Design

on Oct 09, 2007
Geat article and your doing this same thing on a weekly basis for othere galleries is also a very good idea.

on Oct 09, 2007
I'm open to requests as to which gallery to feature next.
on Oct 09, 2007
How about ObjectBar or Winstep?
on Oct 09, 2007
Objectbar needs some serious loving.  Folks clamored and clamored for the new version.  Then it drops and no one seems to be doing anything new with it.
on Oct 09, 2007
Soundpackager is a great addition to OD! XSKINX's Halloween package goes poifectly with RIP 2007! I agree with BlueDev - it would be great to feature the Objectbar Gallery - in needs a jumpstart!
on Oct 09, 2007
Objectbar needs some serious loving.
I agree with BlueDev - it would be great to feature the Objectbar Gallery - in needs a jumpstart!
If you build it, they will come.

Having said that, (I'll repeat myself form other posts about OB) and say that OB is the most personalized of all ODNT apps in my opinion and either you have to build a bar that only fits you or build a bar that a power user is going to rebuild anyway.

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