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Published on December 18, 2007 By Zoomba In OS Customization

Dreams are one of the newest galleries on WinCustomize, having launched at the end of January along side the announcement of DreamScene by Microsoft at CES 2007.  They are the prime example of the possibilities Vista presents in terms of customization and skinning.  Since the launch, it has been one of our most popular galleries, attracting countless new skinners and users looking to get the most out of their Vista Ultimate purchase.

What's impressive is that the success wasn't hindered by the limitation of requiring Vista Ultimate edition.  And with the impending release of DeskScapes 2.0, opening up animated wallpapers to virtually all Vista users, we expect the gallery to explode in popularity in 2008.

The first year for any skinning tool is always rough as artists struggle to learn the new medium and figure out what does and doesn't work, but despite that learning curve, we saw some outstanding Dreams this year.  And they just keep getting better and better.

Below are my picks for the best Dreams of 2007.

Winter Snow

Good Night Earth

The Artifact

Poubel Tafiti

Nature of Beauty

Aurorix 1680

Liquid Dream

Shark Pit

Desktop Collage


Super Nova

Blissful Dream

Circles 1080p

Desktop Earth

Stellar Dream


What are your picks for 2007 Dreams?

on Dec 19, 2007
my fave is the desktop collage dream. i really enjoy have pics of my kids and pets appear on my desktop. to everyone who makes these creations for us to enjoy, al i can say is "great job!". i really do appreciate the work you folks put into making these dreams.
on Dec 19, 2007