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For such a short time to vote, the CursorXP theme poll saw a lot of action. After just two days and over 200 votes, here are the results:

First Place (39% of the vote) - Desktop Warbird by Drill'n Boss

Second Place

Third Place (Tie)

Fourth Place


Congrats to Drill'n Boss on the win! Desktop Warbird is one of the most creative CXP themes released this year and definitely deserving of the win!

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on Dec 19, 2007
well done Drill'n Boss

and Congrats to all picked
on Dec 19, 2007
Definitely deserving.  Congrats!

on Dec 19, 2007
Excellent choice.     
on Dec 19, 2007
Great job everyone!
Thanks for teh cursors!
on Dec 19, 2007
Congrats to all the winners and a special "Way to Go!" to Drill n'Boss!
on Dec 19, 2007
on Dec 19, 2007
Congrats Drill'n Boss and to the runners up. Great job of skinning one an all.   

Skinners Rule!   
on Dec 19, 2007
Congrats on the win Drill'n Boss!
on Dec 19, 2007
Guess what cursor I'm using today.
Thanks a lot you guys, I's truly an honor.
on Dec 19, 2007
I think that Javier Aroche is best CursorXP master.
on Dec 19, 2007
Congrats, Drilln Boss! Congrats to all the runners up; great stuff.

on Dec 19, 2007
Kudos to all!  
on Dec 19, 2007
Congrats Drill'n Boss! You deserve it!
And congrats to everyone here, all this stuff is awesome!  
on Dec 20, 2007
Congrats Drill'n Boss!!
on Dec 21, 2007
Thanks a lot, Your still the master in my book.
And thanks to the rest of you!