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Published on January 2, 2008 By Zoomba In WinCustomize News

Heavy Equipment is one of the largest skin projects ever attempted, with dozens of skins for almost every application imaginable.  It took dozens of skinners months to do, but the result was without a question one of the most impressive skin sets released.  Nothing has really come close since then.

In the past year we've seen groups of skinners get together to do their own smaller skin projects, and while the results have been superb, they lacked scale.  And of course there was some disagreement over being able to call them community projects since they weren't open to absolutely everyone.

Well, in the coming weeks we're going to start to talk about the next true community project.  It will be open to anyone who wants to participate and will accept skins for any application you care to skin.  Jafo himself will be leading the charge on the project and organizing volunteers and work.

As a bit of a preview, the theme of the project is going to be a worn/corroded metal.  Heavy Equipment was so clean and pristine, but now we're going to try something with some years on it, something with more "character" I guess.

If you're interested in the idea, start lining up.  We'll have more details for you soon when we're ready to officially kick things off.  I just wanted to let you know it's coming and see if we can start kicking up some interest and ideas.

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on Aug 02, 2011

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