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Get those video capture apps running!
Published on February 19, 2008 By Zoomba In Sins News

sinstitle_black[1]Since early on in the public beta test, users have been recording gameplay videos of Sins of a Solar Empire to show the game off to friends.  This works out great because Sins is a game that demos very very well and it was easier to get the point of the game across in video than in words on a forum.  And since the game became widely available earlier this month, we've been seeing more and more Sins gameplay videos cropping up every day.

So, we thought to ourselves "Why don't we do a video contest?"

Well, we love contests since it gives us an excuse to give away really cool stuff (one of our favorite hobbies really), and this time, we have possibly THE COOLEST PRIZE EVER (TM).

The winning video will appear on the June 2008 PC Gamer Demo Disc!

Now that I've got you pumped up, it's time for the nitty-gritty details...

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