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Published on April 3, 2008 By Zoomba In Sins News

GFW Radio is a weekly free-for-all with the editors for Games for Windows Magazine.  Every week they talk about what they've been playing recently, what's going on in the games industry, or in the case of this week's podcast the super-flu that has been kicking both Jeff Green and Brad's butts the last week or two.  Together, the two of them spend the podcast working on creating the virus that will wipe out all of human civilization.

Beyond crafting the bug that will kill us all, the gang talks about:

  • Tossing headless goats
  • Race in Videogames
  • Crazy Evangelist Company of Heroes Players
  • Flagship Studios' Mythos

And of course, since Brad's on the podcast they spend a good deal of time talking about game piracy, what it means to be successful in the PC games market, and what Stardock's approach is to developing and publishing games.  Oh, and there's some chatting about Sins of a Solar Empire in there too.

If you have around two hours to spare, give the podcast a listen.  It's entertaining and highly offensive as always! 

on Apr 03, 2008
on Apr 03, 2008
Long . . but very interesting.
on Apr 03, 2008
A good heads up, though I already subscribe, but still I was going to wait till later, now I GOTTA LISTEN.
on Apr 03, 2008
I listen to this every week and I had to do a little dance when they said in their opening announcement that Brad Wardell was going to be on. He weathered Sean's unique brand of intellectual insanity very well, I thought.
on Apr 04, 2008
Well that was good. Really agreed what Brad was saying about PC piracy and the other topics they talked about.

I look forward to Impulse Brad.
on Apr 04, 2008
Wow was that podcast painful at first. Holy Cow what a bunch of crud for the first half hour.

For those just wanting to listen to Brad, fast forward to around 38 minute mark. Everything before is worthless.