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Still going strong
Published on May 13, 2008 By Zoomba In Sins News

It's been over three months since Sins of a Solar Empire hit store shelves, and soon it will be readily available at retail in Europe as well.  In the months since release, the reviews have continued to trickle in one at a time here and there.  Today, I have a quick round-up of a few of the most recent reviews posted for Sins.  Overall, with this latest bunch Sins of a Solar Empire has a solid 88% on GameRankings.

Game Chronicles - 9.2

"I'll spare you the pun of "it would be a sin not to get this game RIGHT now." But seriously, Sins of a Solar Empire is a must for any strategy gamer's collection. I'd also highly recommend it to sci fi fans looking for something a little different than the next futuristic shooter. Killing alien scum with a laser rifle is so passé when you can vaporize the alien mothership with your trusty ion cannon."

HonestGamers - 9

"Sins of a Solar Empire is big and bad enough to root out the people who “don’t belong,” but familiar and accessible enough that any player who loves a good RTS can jump in, and have a lot of fun doing so. The wait for StarCraft II just got a little easier… and even once Blizzard’s highly anticipated sequel does roll around, don’t be surprised if it’s got a little competition on its hands. "

PC Zone UK - 9.1

"Sins is not a wild adrenaline ride, nor is it punctuated by meaningless visual flourishes. This game looks good, works smoothly in every department - and I mean every department - and offers a diverse challenge that will engage players for weeks, if not months."

GamingTrend - 93 (Gold Medal)

"If you enjoy space battles that are featured in Babylon 5 and other space operas, this game is for you. Not only is the game beautifully crafted, but also supported by the developer."

on May 13, 2008
on May 14, 2008
nice job but the game gets boring after time, because there is nothing realy you can do, but just guide ur ships into battle and watching. I jope 1.1 will add more stuff to do, or the exspansion...
on May 14, 2008
It's not that bad.It just need a even better ai.

A good ai can make all the difference.I have been playing DoW since 1.0 because of their awesome ai mod.Without it,i dont even bother buying the expansions.
on May 14, 2008
Cool, thanks zoomba.
on May 15, 2008
You get what you deserve or something like that
on May 17, 2008
After thinking about it .... now Stardock isn't a small publisher anymore.
Now you guys have to fight with the big ones and Ironclad made a tooooo good debut to stay unrecognized by the really big ones.

Just stay yourself