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As a community of digital artists, I figured everyone might be interested in some of the graphics tools we've been releasing through Impulse, our next-generation digital distribution platform. 

We've been very fortunate to have a great partner in Corel, one of the leaders in graphic design tools.  Since the release of Impulse, we've been working to release many Corel applications.

We now have the two major Corel graphics applications available via Impulse: CorelDRAW X4 and Corel Painter X!

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4 lets you tackle creative graphics and design projects with confidence. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials and eye-catching web graphics.
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4 is available via the Impulse Store for $429 USD
Corel® Painter™ X offers artists and photographers professional art & design tools that are unmatched by any other software. Delivering the next-generation art studio, Corel Painter X blurs the line between traditional and digital art like never before. Setting the standard, Corel Painter X introduces unparalleled performance, new color and composition tools, and the revolutionary RealBristle™ Painting System that provides an organic painting & illustration experience—right down to the individual bristles on the brush.
Corel® Painter™ X is available via the Impulse Store for $378.99 USD
In addition to the graphics tools, we also have the following Corel applications available:

on Jul 11, 2008
Is Corel draw more like PS or Illustrator?
on Jul 11, 2008
more like illustrator, but better. quick question... is there a way to get the teacher edition through Impulse? I have X3 but I only paid 99 bucks for it because my wife is a teacher.
on Jul 11, 2008
Links are broken...
on Jul 11, 2008

Links fixed

on Jul 11, 2008
Painter is an awesome app but.. Photoshop FTW   
on Jul 11, 2008
I am glad Stardock is supporting Corel, but they could not work out a discount deal with Corel of some sort? The prices shown here are exactly the same as they are on Corel's site. Way out of my league in any case. (
on Jul 11, 2008
We can get Corel Paint Essentials here in Oz for AUD$99.00, if you could get that one on board for an equivalent or better price I'd buy it for the missus... also been looking at the PSP X2 upgrade edition for around AUD$149.00, if you could get it on board as well it'd be great.
on Jul 11, 2008
Great additions.
on Jul 11, 2008
Painter X is a fantastic app.  It's very realistic to real painting.

on Jul 13, 2008
What about an update for Corel DRAW? I have version 10 here, would like to update, but not buy a new license.