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Konami is going down!
Published on March 23, 2009 By Zoomba In Sins News

Ironclad has defeated Sony and advanced to round two! Thanks for all your support! But now the Escapist's Developer Showdown between Ironclad Games and Konami has begun and we need all the troops rallied! Help Ironclad win this contest of wills by heading over to the Escapist and casting your vote for them in the Western bracket.

You will need to create and validate (via email) an account with the Escapist in order to vote and have it count. Visit the URL below to create your account - registration is free:

Once your account's been created and validated, head over to the Round 1 Western bracket to cast your vote. Just click the radio button next to Ironclad Games and click Submit.

Voting is only open between March 23th and March 24th, so don't wait.

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on Mar 23, 2009

Konami is going to be a tough opponent. Too long a history for them..

on Mar 23, 2009

Yep. I don't expect to win but we have to make a respectable showing

on Mar 23, 2009

Well, I voted Still, you guys only got one game out and made it to round 2, which isn't bad at all. Konami beat what, GPG I think? Bit of a mis-match there.

on Mar 23, 2009

Yeah good luck guys, there's been some real gems from Konami but then they don't have the relationship with their western customers like you guys have.

on Mar 23, 2009

+1 for IRONCLAD!

And Annatar, I'm talking the multi account spam rescure protocol??? Do we have a green light?



on Mar 23, 2009


on Mar 23, 2009

Won't let me vote.


on Mar 23, 2009

You have to register!


Come on please..............I promie I won't be the same person twice!

I'll be Justin S. (original)

James T. Kirk

Admiral Lee Adama

Ben Stiller


on Mar 23, 2009



All of Stardock and Ironclad fans please vote, pretty please.

on Mar 23, 2009

I agree

on Mar 23, 2009

You have to register!
I did and I voted in the first round. Suddenly it doesn't like me anymore.


on Mar 23, 2009

You on the NEW page for the votes???

on Mar 24, 2009

We aren't taking this one against the Konami juggernaut but more votes are needed to make it respectable. Vote here: 


on Mar 24, 2009

I think there are a lot more sinners than people realize.  In my group of friends alone we have close to 10 people that get together nearly every weekend and play Sins, and none of us play on ICO.  Out of my group though I'm likely the only one voting...


edit:  Mmmmm I guess technically not true on the ICO thing.  We use it to host our games but we only play amongst ourselves.

on Mar 24, 2009

 Ok its like 1400 to 700. We just need to double our votes in the next few hours and we have a chance! Go team!

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