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Odd stuff...
Published on May 4, 2005 By Zoomba In PC Gaming
Yes, I'm posting a "Help me fix it, I'm dumb!" article... yes, it pains me to do so, but so far I've had no luck fixing this problem.

My games take forever to initialize and load... well, anything that seems to have anything to do with DirectX does. Everything eventually loads, and when it does load it works perfectly fine, but some games take 5+min to get going. This is a problem that started popping up here and there about 2 weeks ago. Here's all my machine info:

WinXP Sp2 (DX 9.0c)
P4 3.0GHz HT
ATI Radeon X800XL 256MB
SB Audigy 2

I get the slow as hell startup on the following games and applications:
-Star Wars Galaxies
-Galactic Civilizations II Beta
-3DMark05 (Benchmark Tool)
-Guild Wars
-AutoAssault Beta
-World of Warcraft (though by comparison to the others it's a speedy start-up)
-ATI Catalyst Driver Installer
-DirectX Diagnostic Tools (dxdiag)

I *just* replaced my video card yesterday, thinking it might have been the card crapping out on me (ATI 9800XT to the X800XL) but it wasn't. I reinstalled WinXP about a month ago too. Fully patched, virus scanner enabled, physical firewall.

Any thoughts?

on May 04, 2005
Have you tried to reinstall DirectX? I take it that starting an OpenGL game like Doom III works normally?
on May 04, 2005
I don't think you can reinstall DX under SP2 since 9.0c is bundled with the service pack. I tried downloading the installer again and running it, hoping for a repair option, it just said I was all up to date and quit out.

I'm going to reinstall Doom3 tonight to make absolutely sure OGL games are ok, but I'm pretty sure it'll run fine since my 2D games are chuggling along without problem.

My main hope is that I don't have to reinstall Windows again