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Sell your bad poetry directly on!
Published on August 9, 2007 By Zoomba In Internet

In an economy focusing so heavily on tools to put the power of content creation in the hands of regular every-day people, one area that has been surprisingly underserved is that of book self-publishing.  Up until today, if you wanted to write a book, or make a movie and then have it semi-professionally printed/bound/packaged your only real option was a service called, which let users upload their content, format it, choose bindings and cover art etc and walk away with a very good looking copy of whatever it was you wrote/drew/made.  All for a pretty reasonable fee.  They even could get your work listed on

Well, now there's some competition in the space, and it comes from none other than Amazon itself.  The 300lbs gorilla of the online book selling world has thrown its hat into the ring of user self-publishing with the CreateSpace service.  CreateSpace has two advantages over Lulu currently; price, and guaranteed listing on  While most Lulu work would get picked up, with CreateSpace, it's part of the service.  You also can get all of those nice extras on your listing such as "Search Inside!" and IMDb listings for DVDs.

I'm always interested in seeing new services like this one as I think traditional media is desperately in need of getting with the times.  Newspapers, and to some extent even books, are having a hard time when competing with the wide-open nature of the Internet. 

on Aug 09, 2007
This is a really cool idea.  For me, I have wanted to make my own vegetarian cookbook for quite some time.  Since I can also do the photography (my dream job was originally a food photographer) I could complete the entire book myself without graphic help.  All I would need is somebody to publish it.  Well- viola!  It could be on Amazon with very little effort.  I doubt that it would make much money after they collect their fees, but it would nonetheless be published.
on Aug 09, 2007
I have wanted to make my own vegetarian cookbook for quite some time.
I doubt that it would make much money after they collect their fees, but it would nonetheless be published.

I'd buy it. 
on Aug 10, 2007
Hey KarmaGirl    it would be cool if you started a thread with a few of your veggie recipes on it.I'm veggie too and always looking for new ideas.  
on Aug 10, 2007
Zubaz is veggie also

Soylent Blue is Vegetarians!!!!!

on Aug 10, 2007
Soylent Blue is Vegetarians!!!!!

Hey do you ever get that reaction when talking to someone you just met and you tell them you're a veggie and they gasp and say 'a veggie? what do you eat?'.
Or like on a tv prog here called The Royle Family ,it's a sitcom and in it the young son brings his new girlfriend home for the first time.His parents think it's really sophisticated that she is a veggie but don't quite understand and ask her if 'waifer thin' ham is ok.  
on Aug 10, 2007
By the way,I bought an ex girlfriend of mine a book called 'Cheap and Easy Cooking for Vegetarians' which was useful as not only was she a vegetarian but .............   
on Aug 10, 2007
Who doesn't love a cheap and eassy girlfriend!     

I was on holiday the last few weeks and while most folks unerstood, my grandmother made chicken casarol with cream-of-chicken soup.  When I told her I couldn't eat it she first said "Chicken isn't meat" and followed it up with "Well, can't you pick it out?"

I replied with my (incredibly non-political) answer, "Grandma, would it be OK if we ordered a shit pizza and you just picked out the shit?"
 . . . silence
 . . silence
 . silence
"Would salad be OK?"   
on Aug 10, 2007
Hehe    definitely stick with the salad.  That shit pizza was definately 'off' the last time I had it.    
on Aug 12, 2007
Just to add another tool to the set of the would-be author.

Another site for the budding writer who just wants to see their work on a wider stage, and that recently came to my notice is '':-

Describing itself as a "unique website where YOU write the next page or verse of stories and poems started by famous people and site members from around the world."

It was featured in an article when the author of Chocolat (Joanne Harris) submitted the beginning of her new novel titled 'Wildfire'.

At present there is a neverendingrecipebook Volume 1. It only has 2 recipes at the moment. Anyone wanting to add their own recipe need only register as far as I know...

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