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Published on March 7, 2008 By Zoomba In Websites

Stardock sites are based on a very complex and detailed articles system that has grown over the years.  Basically, imagine one gigantic forum.  Hundreds of categories and subcategories containing thousands upon thousands of posts.  Each site (WinCustomize, JoeUser, TotalGaming) takes a subset of that master list for its own forums.

We've been working on cleaning up our system the last few months.  Cleaning up data, optimizing the database etc.  This week we've been working on the master forum category list.

Today, andrew_ printed out the category tree for two sites, WinCustomize and JoeUser....


WinCustomize is on the left, JoeUser on the right.  The cube wall we've tacked them to is about 5.5 feet tall.  The JoeUser list has over 200 categories in it.  That's not even the whole set.  We're talking easily double that for the master list.  I don't have a wall tall enough to tack that to.

Yeah, it confuses us too 

on Mar 07, 2008
on Mar 07, 2008
It is called Job Security.