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Twiddling your thumbs waiting for new games?
Published on July 9, 2008 By Zoomba In Gaming

It's summer here in the northern hemisphere, which means that the PC game releases have dried up.  Looking across the new release calendars, it's a wasteland until Space Siege comes out late August.  So for the next two months PC gamers are looing for any fix they can get to tide them over.

Of course, that two month dry spell could well be worth it considering what's on-tap for the fall.

My question is, what's everyone playing to tide theselves over, and what are you most looking forward to this fall?

Here are a few of the more major titles releasing this fall for the PC*

  1. Space Siege
  2. Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway
  3. Borderlands
  4. LEGO Batman
  5. Tiberium
  6. Spore
  7. Crysis Warhead
  8. Warhammer Online
  9. Project Origin
  10. Far Cry 2
  11. Fallout 3
  12. Dead Space
  13. Ghostbusters
  14. Red Alert 3
  15. World of Warcraft: Rise of the Litch King

*-Based on's current estimates.

Personally, I'm playing very little at the moment.  Spending my free time out and about, enjoying the weather.  For what I'm most looking forward to: Spore, Fallout 3, Red Alert 3, Ghostbusters.

on Jul 09, 2008

Haven't heard anything from Tiberium in ages (#5) so I doubt that's accurate. Couple of others seem unlikely, too.

And it's "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King".

I've been playing a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company for the XBOX 360. Considering starting a big game of GalCiv 2 or Civ4 today though.

Looking forward to Space Siege, Spore and Lich King from the list, plus some XBOX 360 games that are obviously not on the list.

on Jul 09, 2008

Playing Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360 at the current moment. Will be getting Too Human in August but by that time the Summer drought is about over. But with Battlefield the game will last me a long time as its multiplayer is amazing.

I am looking forward to Spore, BIA (xbox), Fallout 3 and NHL 09 (xbox). There are also a couple of other games out there for xbox that I will be getting for sure.

on Jul 10, 2008

Well at least you guys actually get a summer, so far its been rain, more rain a hint of sun, storms and then rounded off with some mellow rain.

I've not had much chance for playing games recently, but i've been playing Age of Conan and Eve Online, i went back to Eve for the new Emperyean Age, and while its refreshing to PvP with all the newbs (me being a newb myself again now i guess), the game still suffers from horrdenous lag.

AoC isn't finished, theres no end game content, so prolly gonna shelve that for a bit.


Bring on WAR i say .

on Jul 10, 2008

Oh and i almost forgot to add, i was just contemplating doing the same with regards to Civ4, i always get the urge every now and again . I got Twilight of Anor the other week actually, but hmm i dunno, i think i'm off Gal Civ for a bit.

on Jul 10, 2008

I'm really looking forward to Fallout 3 (although I admit I didn't much care for Oblivion, despite loving Morrowind), Spore, and Diablo 3 (who knows when that'll come out though). The game I'm most looking forward to is the not-yet-announced mystery 4X fantasy TBS from Stardock, but I'm not expecting that until 2009 or later.

I'm kinda burned out on online gaming at the moment, but I'll probably pick Lich King. I hate WoW, but the wife loves it (mostly) and unless Warhammer Online is better, I'll be leveling to 80 with all the other Death Knights. Meh. Hero classes. Gnome Death Knights.

'course, if WoW continues to make me go "eh, whatever" and Warhammer isn't much better, I'll probably just give up on MMOs for a few years. Would do me some good, no doubt.