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We have covered quite a few Halloween skin categories over the last couple of weeks.  By now, you should be able to get a Halloween inspired desktop put together rather quickly.  Continuing on, this time we wanted to feature some WindowBlinds skins with a spooktacular look and feel.

Dont forget if you are a WinCustomize or Object Desktop subscriber, you get the Halloween theme free

If we missed any, please post the links to the skins.


on Oct 23, 2008
I think this one should be included: Kittymalone's Frankenstein WWW Link It worked really well for my present desktop: (I'll be changing it in another day or so, because I do holiday desktops the way my city does fireworks...start out slowly and work up to a frenzy with a grand finale.)
on Oct 23, 2008
Here are a couple of older skins for halloween Trick or Treat by Pixtudio WWW Link Haunted Night by Swtnssss WWW Link I hope I got the links posted right.   
on Oct 27, 2008
Here's a Jack-O-Lantern dream I just posted.