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Most Usable & Most Original Events
Published on December 1, 2008 By Zoomba In WinCustomize News

We are in the final stretch folks.  This Friday, December 5th is the deadline to submit Icons and WB Skins for the Most Usable & Most Unique events in both categories.  At 11:59pm EST on the 5th, we will lock the ability to upload new skins/icons, as well as the ability to modify already posted ones, so if you have any last-minute updates, get them in soon.

Judging will happen next Monday, and user voting will begin on Tuesday. 

The IconPackager event is absolutely insane this year!  Island Dog just did a quick round-up on some of the latest GUIC Icon Entries and there's no doubt that the competition will be fierce.  Judging these is going to be really tough.

For WindowBlinds, I know a lot of you are putting the finishing touches on your work, but don't wait too long to submit!  I know some of the biggest WB skinning names in the community are furiously working on their entries, so by the end of the week we should have some awesome skins to pick from too.

Results for the Dream events will be announced Tuesday (Usable) and Thursday (Original).

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