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Another week comes to a close as we inch towards the end of summer and the start of the holiday gaming bonanza.

Great Deals

This week we’re helping celebrate Paradox Interactive’s 10 year anniversary with a blow-out sale.  50% off ALL Paradox titles on the Impulse store. 

See the full list of Paradox games here.  All 50% off until July 27th!

Of course, there’s more going on with our Weekend Impulse Buys.  Check out the current deals we have running through this Sunday:

Now, on to new, updated and upcoming titles…

New Releases

Tropico ReloadedTropico Reloaded

Play both of the dictator sim classics Tropico 1 and Tropico 2 in this new bundle from Kalypso media.  Put on the green fatigues of El Presidente as you rule over your island nation in Tropico and Tropico Paradise Island, or make your enemies walk the plank as the Pirate King in Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

Pick it up now for just $14.99.  Get in the Tropico spirit in anticipation of Tropico 3, coming later this year!


Journey to 1883 in Viva Media's Helldorado. The game takes place in Santa Fe where a railroad tycoon's empire lies and ruins with its founder's death at your hands. However, while you enjoy your revenge, one of your friends goes missing. Is it revenge from beyond the grave?

Get your hands on Helldorado for just $19.99.


Games updated this week:

Coming Soon

Of course, we have some new games coming to Impulse in the coming weeks you might be interested in…

on Jul 24, 2009

Hmmm, only information about Games................oops, wait a minute, is that DeskScapes I see on sale. 

Nice but i all ready have it as part of Object Desktop Ultimate, oh well.

on Jul 24, 2009


Games updated this week:

* Puzzle Quest: Galactrix v1.01
* Sacred 2 v2.43

I guess I should update my Sacred 2 if I plan on playing it this weekend....